Failsafe – The Parkour Game To Challenge Mirror’s Edge?


If you love Mirror’s Edge then this could be a game to delight your particular gaming taste buds. A project that has existed since December 2014, Failsafe could be proof that DICE are not the only ones with juicy ideas up their sleeves!

According to its Kickstarter page “Failsafe is a parkour adventure game inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s storytelling, reminiscent of the fluidity of Journey and the monolithic scale of Shadow of the Colossus. That is quite the bold statement to produce, and one, I am sure, is something backers of the project will take to heart. Considering the beautifully crafted nature of the aforementioned Shadow of the Colossus and Journey (both Sony-published products I might add), and the fact that the description included a mere nod toward these two fantastic games, could be a sign of the spectacle that developer Game Over is confident at creating.

Oh, there is also the very tiny fact that the legendary Mr. Miyazaki was mentioned. He only has a five-decade long career in storytelling, animation, writing, filming and screenwriting. So Game Over must be extremely confident. Or extremely cocky. Who knows?

The trailer showcases the mechanics of the parkour movement, with one notable addition to the experience: grappling. Mirror’s Edge did not have a form of grappling from which to swing from one platform to another, meaning the levels had to be very closely knitted together. However, one thing Mirror’s Edge achieved with perfection was the feeling of moving within the expanse of a gigantic, albeit colourful, city. And judging by the video shown and the artwork provided, we’re being given something different. A bleaker world with less focus on the sheen seen in Mirror’s Edge, and more on a feeling of emptiness, but in a way that was caused by prior events. A huge world in front of you, yet only you and your robotic companion? The potential is there.


Earlier on, I mentioned that both Shadow of the Colossus and Journey were published by Sony, therefore making them both PlayStation exclusives. This could be a potential sign of things to come for the studio. Admittedly, there is no hint at the game being published by Sony, or any publisher for that matter (they state that they want to remain an independent studio). Perhaps a backing by a major publisher could be what this team needs. It’s worth noting that the game needs an additional $50,000 in order to reach the intended target of $80,000, yet with only 5 days to go, it seems unlikely that the target will be met.

Indie games like this are fantastic; they look to shake things up with trying something new, or using a tried-and-true formula but delivering it with an art style that is fresh. Whatever the case, if Failsafe can hit its intended mark and get itself on the market the way the developers want, then this could be another example of independent gaming studios proving that they can hold their own against triple-A studios. So good luck to them I say.

If you wish to check out the game, what it’s all about, how you can donate and more, then check it out here and don’t forget to check back at Gamer Professionals for the very latest.