A Glimpse Into Our E3 Future


This year’s E3 is looking to be even bigger than the last one. As such, the industry releases a ton of information between now and the show, which takes place June 14-16th in Los Angeles, California. At Gamer Professionals, we want to keep you all posted with the latest and most important industry developments. As such, a new landing page, which appears in the top menu bar, has been created. The page will function as a timeline, with the oldest information at the top of the page and then extending to the newest information at the bottom, followed by a brief summation of the post.

It’s an important time for not only us, but for our gamer fans. We’re going to be making our application in the coming weeks and sending it out for approvals, and once we get in, it’s game on. We hope to bring each and every one of you the latest information as it arises, and that you come to us for the latest scoops not only related to E3, but for current events.

If you have any feedback you’d like to deliver on our information delivery process, please send an email to me directly at webmaster@gamerpros.co. Thank you!