EA Surprises E3 with Reveal of Co-Op Prison Break Game


EA has announced a new title by the name of A Way Out from Hazelight studio. The game looks like a departure from EA’s general shift towards multiplayer only experiences, instead opting for a narrative driven experience.

A Way Out is a co-operative only experience, requiring players to play with a friend in order to go through the game. The game itself is a story of two prison inmates forming a bond and eventually breaking free together, avoiding the authorities across rural America.

The developers are stressing the co-operative experience and the relationship between the two characters that each player will be controlling, and the overall experience screams of Prison Break with a controller. Chances to change the story through choices and being locked to the perspective of only your own character will make for a very personalised experience, though driven by an overall scripted story.

A Way Out is set for an early 2018 release.