Animal Crossing: New Leaf Amiibo Update Details


Yesterday Nintendo announced that Animal Crossing: New Leaf would be receiving a major update which they detailed earlier this morning in a Nintendo Direct stream. The announcement mostly centered around Animal Crossing: New Leafs new compatibility with Amiibo figures.

In the past, you could use RF cards with New Leaf, which added new characters and items to the game. With the update (which is available today), you can now use Amiibos to import Nintendo-centric characters into your town. Once a player scans an Amiibo, a new character named Wisp appears. Wisp acts as a conduit that brings new characters into the game. The characters bring items along with them which you can grab to spruce up your house and character. Nintendo noted that you can use the Amiibos from certain Legend of Zelda games and Splatoon. Players will also have access to a special outfit that resembles Link’s tunic in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

These unique characters can be found in a new area of your town called Harvey’s Campground. Harvey himself looks like a fella who hasn’t quite given up on the revival of Woodstock. Besides chaperoning the new villagers, he is in charge of managing a trade system where you exchange a new in-game voucher for goods. Through completing daily initiatives, you will be rewarded with MEOW coupons. MEOW is an acronym for Mutual Exchange of Wealth. The Nintendo Direct stream showed Harvey haggling with the character over new items.


Also included in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf update are new mini-games that can be accessed by finding specific items in the game. If you can find the in-game replica of a Nintendo Wii U, you will be able to play Desert Island Escape. You may have seen this game during the Amiibo Festival. If you are able to find either a Newer Nintendo 3DS or a 3DS XL, you can try out the Animal Crossing Puzzle League.

This update launched today right after the live stream, and is free to download for player who own Animal Crossing: New Leaf. For all of you mayors who have been on vacation far too long, it might be time to jump back in and see the new additions to your town!