Another Blow for the Vita


Fans of Sony’s underdog handheld hardware, the PS Vita received another crippling blow today with Shuhei Yoshida swiftly dismissing any plans for a successor. The Worldwide Studios Chief of Sony Computer Entertainment claimed in a panel at EGX 2015 that “the climate is not healthy” for a successor.

He went on to state that the market is shifting more to mobile gaming, particularly with the rising availability and prevalence of smartphones. The fledgling sales of the Vita system and software in all regions outside of Japan have made it the clear underdog in the handheld market. Following a rather lacklustre appearance at E3 this year, and with very few titles on the horizon outside of niche or indie games, support for the Vita seems to be slowing down.

I guess for those of us without a Vita system still have the PlayStation TV for all of our Vita-exclusive needs, right?

Source: Eurogamer


  1. It doesn’t help when you don’t give it anytime of proper marketing, the vita barely got any attention at major conventions and they wonder why it hasn’t done as well as they hoped. Nintendo spends entire conferences on the 3ds but neglects the Wii U sometimes. But hey vita means life right?

  2. The problem starts with the software, I think. The kind of titles they’re putting out for the Vita aren’t really suitable for the mainstream gamer, with a few exceptions. I don’t know about you, but I think it’d be difficult to try and advertise something like Criminal Girls. The people who want those games, as well as whatever latest Persona 4 spin-off Atlus is hawking would already have a Vita, and those who aren’t into that generally wouldn’t pay too much attention. Doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t, that kind of thing, you know?

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