ARMS Launches on Nintendo Switch June 16


Nintendo aired a Nintendo Direct today, announcing a slew of new titles, release dates, and gameplay for the Nintendo 3DS and Switch consoles. Headlining the Direct today was ARMS, the motion-controlled fighting game, and one of the unique titles to the Switch.

When the console details were announced a while back, Nintendo aired a trailer for the game. You can refresh your memory with it below:

In today’s Direct, though, Nintendo introduced two new characters – Minmin and Springman, and pitted them against each other alongside a new two versus two battle mode. The cast of characters is colorful and reminds me strangely enough of Overwatch, but that’s just me…

With ARMS coming out June 16, Nintendo announced the release of Neon Yellow JoyCons, releasing at the same time with ARMS. Individual JoyCons will be $49.99; a pair will set you back $79.99.