More Assassin’s Creed Origins Information Surfaces


Yet more information has come to light regarding Ubisoft’s next Templar-stabbing adventure, Assassin’s Creed Origins. While this name hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, the image does look authentic, especially in relation to many other leaks over the last year. We can only wonder whether the constant torrent of leaks surrounding the new game puts into question whether this is all some sort of sly marketing campaign.

Assassin's creed origins

The leak comes in the form of a pre-order card posted to Reddit recently. The image on the card shows the Egyptian setting, which has been leaked before, with a pyramid, sphynx, and general Egypt-looking-ness. We can also see that the card allows you to pre-order a ‘gold-edition’ of the game, which gets you a steelbook case, season pass, and whatever a “deluxe package” is. Early orders will also nab you a bonus mission named “Secrets of the First Pyramids”.

So does this prove that Ubisoft is leakier than a bucket with infinite holes? Or will we all be proved to be wrong when Ubisoft eventually release Assassin’s Creed Zimbabwe? Also, do you think/hope the next Assassin’s Creed game will revitalize the series given the 2-year long break? Let us know what you think of these leaks in the comments section below.