Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom Releases August 26


The mixed-bag, yet critically claimed anime, Attack on Titan, has a new video game for the franchise coming out later this year. It’s August 26 to be specific, but to whet the appetites of the fans, Tecmo Koei has released a new trailer for its game, Wings of Freedom.

The trailer depicts a lot of the terror that hits the characters in the anime, with freakishly huge Titans and lots of 3D Gear gameplay. The characters stood out a lot more than their Titan enemies, but the title just feels like it’s missing its punch that made the anime feel so raw. Here’s to hoping that opinion changes. It’s also a Tecmo Koei game, and those games always tend to be fun in their own ways; see Dynasty Warriors and its spin-off Samurai Warriors series for good, button-mashing fun.

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom launches on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and Steam on August 26.

*Featured Image from the anime series.