Black Canary Showcases Her Fighting Prowess in Injustice 2 Trailer


The newest gameplay trailer for the upcoming Injustice 2 showcases the move set of one of DC Comics most beloved heroines: Black Canary. The trailer also features Deadshot and Blue Beatle with new costumes and dialogue. The trailer can be watched below.

Her fighting style appears to be very light and lack the physicality of someone like Superman. Black Canary may be one of the few female superheroes who gets by largely on her physical prowess, but she is still human and a thin one at that. Her true strength comes from her wealth of knowledge in fighting styles and almost effortless ability to tackle major super villains by turning their own strength against them.

According to the trailer, it is Black Canary’s jujitsu prowess that is the major focus for her character. Like I said before, her attacks do not seem to have all that much power behind them but they also do not seem to be all that quick either. It appears that a majority of Black Canary’s more powerful moves follow her grapples, throws, and air juggles. Once she has you on the ground or stunned, she is able to lay down the hurt and do some real damage. Her sonic devices and Canary Cry also allow her to momentarily retreat from a more powerful opponent or stop them mid-attack.

This could, of course, just all be the trailer showing Black Canary acting as she might fight in the comics. In truth, she may just be a light, close to mid-range fighter but I think it would be cool if Injustice 2 featured a character who was best played by people who could capitalize on counters and stuns as their main offensive battle strategy instead of just relying on them to complement their defense.