Bungie Addresses Upcoming Updates and Changes in Destiny 2


Bungie published a post outlining what to expect from Destiny 2 in the future. Season 2 will begin with the release of Curse of Osiris.

A note from Luke Smith and Chris Barrett says that from now on Destiny 2 will aim at supporting players. They will design activities, features and updates to make Destiny 2  game that people will want to return to. They also addressed the criticism the development team was receiving for not communicating enough with the Destiny community.

Here are some updates and changes Destiny 2 will undergo on December 5 and December 12, the rest will take place beginning of next year.

December 5:

There will be another function for Legendary Shards, Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx will sell consumables that will grant more rewards in Strikes and Crucible. If you have been trying a get a specific mod, Banshee will offer mods for purchase with Legendary Shards.

Banshee-44 Mods from Bungie.net

Also, Armor Ornaments will be added onto some existing armor and you won’t have to remove your shaders or mods, they will function like Exotic weapon ornaments.

December 12:

Legendary weapons can become ‘Masterworks’ which means they can generate orbs, track number of kills with that weapon, and weapon stat bonuses. Masterwork Legendary weapons will drop for characters above 250 Power or they can be upgraded. There is a higher chance of getting Masterworks weapons from the Raid and Trials of the Nine.

Destiny 2 Legendary Weapon – Uriel’s Gift from Bungie.net

The ‘Fated Engram’ will be given by Xur and can be obtained every week. This is a chance to get an exotic that is not in your collection by purchasing with Legendary Shards. Three of Coins will return and boost exotic drops for 4 hours, but they cannot be stacked or re-applied after fighting bosses.

Gaining XP:

Last week, Bungie disabled the mechanic where earning XP scaled up or down depending on which activities you were playing. They are now working on a new method that can properly rebalance XP to satisfy players. After disabling that mechanic, Bungie had doubled the amount of XP you needed but made XP gains equal for all activities. This still irked some fans since it meant that leveling will be slower.


In December, spawning and scoring in Supremacy will be adjusted. Private matches will come back in early 2018 and with an update for the competitive playlist for ranked PvP.

As many of you may have noticed, a lot of people quit Competitive matches within the first few minutes which leads to an unfair match. Bungie is developing a ‘Quitter Penalty’ system which gives better incentives for completing the match and penalties for quitting mid-match. We will not be seeing this in December.


Most of the time it felt like playing better did not result in better drops, but this may change. Better incentives for Prestige mode and rewards for replay value of Strikes, Lost Sectors, and Adventures. We won’t see this update until next year.

This week Bungie also published a podcast that goes into more detail about this blog post. There are some updates Bungie mentioned that I did not discuss here, if you would like to read more about it you can visit their blog post.