CES 2018: Kingston’s HyperX Unveils Gaming Headset and Other Periphery


Going back several years ago, HyperX was known only for its memory lineup of RAM and SSDs. Fast forward several years later, and the company is coming out with new peripherals every year at the CES expo.

This year, HyperX announced a new headset, the Cloud Flight, which retails for $159.99. Arriving later this month, the device is lit with red LEDs on the earcups, with memory foam ear pads and a sturdy metal hinge. The microphone is detachable and has noise cancelling. The mute button is placed conveniently on the left ear cup, as a button on the cup itself rather than a fumble button on the bottom of the cup. The volume adjusts via slider on the other ear cup.

Also announced was a new wired gaming mouse, the Pulsefire Surge. Featuring RGB lighting effects, and a 16,000 DPI sensor, the mouse is customizable using the HyperX NGenuity Software. Switches are Omron switches, and have a nice, responsive feedback.

In the keyboard lineup, the company unveiled, again, its new Alloy Elite RGB. I wrote a review of the Alloy Elite sans RGB, last year, and this one should perform favorably as well, but with better LED color choices.

I also happened to see this last year, but the company did not release it at the time. It’s coming out this year, though, and it’s the newest fad for PC enthusiasts, RGB RAM modules. These guys were interesting, though, because they feature an infrared sensor, something unique to the company. The infrared sensor is best described as being able to show that this utilization of infrared is possible. For instance, if the sticks all are cycling in the rainbow sequence, a well-placed card or other thin object can halt the modules sandwiched next to the card, while the other ones cycle freely. It’s a nice touch, and something not seen before.

Excited for these? If you’re interested and are currently attending the CES 2018 showing, they’re up at The Venetian suites displaying these products. Let us know what you think!

All images taken at the CES 2017 and 2018 show in Las Vegas.