Dawn of War 3 Announced


Dawn of War 3 has been announced! Today an announcement trailer was released to officially announce the next installment of the Dawn of War series. The trailer debuts a series of features and new additions to the franchise in the most gruesome way possible.

Dawn of War 3 will feature a three-faction campaign that will allow the player to play the Space Marines, Orks, and the Eldar on alternating missions. This is a much different approach than the previous games in the franchise have taken and hopefully it will be well received.

A new unit type has been debuted in the trailer. The Giants are colossal constructs that will engage in a bigger warfare than we’ve ever known in the franchise. Dawn of War 3 promises massive battles never before seen in the series now that base building has returned.

More unannounced features are touted to be on their way so keep your eyes sharp!