Creator of DayZ Mod Dean Hall Scheduled to Reveal His Next Game in March


Dean Hall, known as the designer behind the ARMA 2 zombie survival mod DayZ, is scheduled to unveil the first details behind his newest game in the next month. The unannounced game will be revealed in March at EGX Rezzed where players will get a chance to play the game for the first time. Hall is also scheduled to host a panel at EGX Rezzed to discuss the philosophy behind his new studio RocketWerkz.

Players may find it insightful to hear straight from the mouth of a man who runs a studio where all employees have unlimited leave, there is no distinct middle management, and Hall himself only has a 10% higher salary than the highest paid staffer. However, I imagine most players are more intrigued to see what new game Hall and his team have in development, and just how far along said game is in development. For all its praise, DayZ was never able to get out of Early Access on Steam. The game is playable but is still stricken with a few bugs and not nearly as polished as some gamers hoped it would one day be.

The game has also not appeared on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One even though the team behind the standalone DayZ claimed console versions of the game were in the works. As a mod, DayZ may have launched with success but the failure to deliver on a more polished version of the mod as a standalone game has allowed similar titles like Ark: Survival Guide and 7 Days to Die to overshadow it. Hall may no longer be a part of the team currently working on the standalone version of DayZ, but his name is still closely associated to the mod. In an industry where most indie developers can show-off an alpha version of their game and promise a more refined final product, Hall might have to bring a near completed game to EGX Rezzed to convince fans this new game is worth their time and money.


  1. Ran away from Dayz Mod, ran away from Dayz standalone, ran away from ION, made a shit VR game and stationeers is absolute trash…

    If I were him i’d take that money he got from selling dayz, “that only became popular once Epoch mod was made”, quit game development and retire from everything that has to do with making promises he can’t keep.

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