Update: Destiny 2 Expansion II ‘Gods of Mars’ Rumor is Almost Certainly Fake

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UPDATE: Multiple reports have proven that this ‘Gods of Mars’ rumor is ultimately fake. Many on Reddit have found faults in the image and the information. For example it was said that the Japanese PlayStation Store screenshot does not have proper Japanese and incorrect spelling. See full details on the Reddit thread. 


Original article:

In a Reddit post, information about the second Destiny 2 expansion ‘Gods of Mars‘ was leaked on the Japanese and the U.S. PlayStation Stores. According to the post, the PlayStation storefronts have removed these. Nothing has been confirmed by Bungie, so treat it as a rumor.

As expected, the game will be set on Mars and revolve around Clovis Bray and the Warminds. We still do not know of rumors about Ana Bray are true. The post included these two screenshots (below) from the PlayStation Store describing what Expansion II will have.

New features in the ‘Gods of Mars‘ Expansion include a campaign, cooperative activities, gear and weapons, and new Crucible arenas. These features are typically what Destiny expansions have.

gods of mars
gods of mars