Bungie Releases Destiny 2 Launch Trailer


Yesterday during the Sony Conference at Gamescom 2017, Sony first showed the Destiny 2 launch trailer. In the action-packed trailer, a few details really stand out. Most notably is how the game’s main villain, Dominus Ghaul, is set up to be a power and dangerous threat. The original Destiny suffered from boring villains so this comes as a relief. The other detail shown in the trailer is how the Guardians respond to Ghaul’s attack on the City. The now-weakened Guardians are now on the run and must rescue the captured Speaker. The trailer really focuses on the Guardians fighting back and continually their fight against evil.

The original Destiny released September 9th, 2014. While the game had mixed reviews, it  sold 6.3 million units in its first month and has since sold over 12 million units. Many could argue that Destiny has been one of the most divisive games of the past decade, being criticized for having poor plot and boring characters. It was praised by some for the addicting gameplay loop with diverse loot drops and a variety of missions or challenges to take on. Something Bungie wants Destiny 2 to have is a more engaging story with memorable characters. Whether or not this issues is fixed will not be determined until the game releases. Regardless of how the game turns out, one thing for sure is that it will probably be divisive between fans and critics of the series.

Destiny 2 releases September 6th for PS4 and Xbox One. The game is also releasing on Microsoft Windows on October 24th. For anything Destiny 2, Gamescom or gaming related, stay tuned to us here at Gamer Professionals.