Diminished Performance for Xbox One Release of Dark Souls III


YouTube channel DigitalFoundry has released a video shedding some light on the performance of Dark Souls III on the Xbox One, to somewhat troubling results. As this marks the first use of the ‘Bloodborne’ engine on the Xbox One, performance was a huge question on gamers’ minds, particularly given the tight control necessary for success in the Souls franchise.

Rather than the 1080p resolution of the PS4 release, Dark Souls III runs at 900p. It’s a marked step down, but the visual fidelity on offer is still of a high quality. Further, the framerate tends to dip in combat, or in the more visually intensive areas. A framerate of 25-28fps seems to be the standard performance in combat, but it has been noted to drop to 20fps in certain areas.

If optimal performance is your priority, the PS4 or PC releases seem to stand as better options. With that said, the game is certainly a visual delight regardless of platform, but perhaps a degree of caution is warranted before committing to a purchase. This isn’t the first time that a multi-platform release has been toned down for Xbox One, which is certainly a worrying sign for a system so early in its cycle.

In related news, the Dark Souls III launch trailer surfaced recently, in anticipation of the Japanese release. It demonstrates the eerily beautiful, gothic world and showcases some of the arduous trials the player will face on their journey.

Dark Souls III is set to launch in the rest of the world on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on April 12 this year.