Dissecting Pokémon’s May 31 Switch Reveal


According to the Japanese Pokémon variety show Oha Suta!, fans are in for a reveal that, originally, promised “shocking” information that would “make history” for the Pokémon franchise, before being revised to something a little more soft, which is now a showing “full of Pokémon information. Pokémon for the Switch?

It is entirely plausible, however, that we could be staring at the face of a brand new title reveal for the Nintendo Switch. Here’s where everything stands – at E3 2017 last year, The Pokémon Company announced that there would be a Pokémon title coming to the Nintendo Switch. Not just a spin-off title, but a core series adventure. The excitement for these new titles has reached a feverous pitch, with fans taking anything out of context and attempting to connect it to the upcoming Switch title.

Here is what we know at present:

Image look familiar? It’s been making the rounds and features rideable Pokémon, as well as Pokémon that appear to follow the player, evidenced by the Eevee on the head of the player. The image also bears similarity to a water route from the Kanto region. It also has wild Pokémon that appear in the actual overworld, similar to Pokémon GO. 

Then there’s this, an image that made its way around the internet, speculating that the game was to be titled Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, with a curious trademark being filed by the same company that had filed the trademark for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Then again, The Pokémon Company has filed strange trademarks for words and phrases that had never been used, such as Delta Emerald.

Pokémon is also finished with its run on the 3DS, with the last titles being Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, sequels to Pokémon Sun and Moon. Junichi Masuda has stated that he has pushed the limits of the franchise on the 3DS, so it’s about time to wrap up that endeavor and move on to the next greener pasture, which is the Nintendo Switch.

Going back to the variety show Oha Suta!, it’s not entirely unusual for a game to be unveiled by a Japanese variety show like this. In previous iterations, the show was once known under various identities like Pokémon Sunday or Pokémon Get TV. These shows have previously revealed new Pokémon, like Zeroara, or unveiled new games like Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. They have also shown new footage of Pokémon Black and White, and unveiled Zoroark, a fifth-generation Pokémon, to the world. Even as insane as it sounds, it’s not entirely out of place to have these legendarily huge Switch titles revealed by the variety show, with more information coming in either a Nintendo Direct or at E3, which takes place two weeks from publication of this article. What we can say for sure, though, is that something is coming, and it’s going to make history.