Dragon Quest Heroes: Slime Edition Coming to Steam


Dragon Quest is a series that lacks attention here in the West. When people see new Dragon Quest titles come up, the answer is always wild glee with its fan base, as the games rarely see localization outside of Japan. Today, though, Square Enix announced that their latest title, Dragon Quest Heroes, previously released on the Playstation 4, would be released on the Steam platform on December 3rd.

A promotion on the Steam page is ongoing, which provides a 10% discount, dropping the title price to $53.99. The PC edition contains eleven additional weapons exclusive to PC:

  • Splat O’Nine Tails
  • Slime-On-A-Stick
  • Slime Sword
  • Gooreat Sword
  • Gungenir
  • Gooey Gloves
  • Happy Map
  • Goomerang
  • Goopid’s Bow
  • Squishing Rod
  • Gold-Digger’s Map
  • Fandangoos
  • Goolden Axe

Play as Luceus or Aurora and join forces with favorite heroes from the series, and bring order back to the realm.

Source: Steam Store Webpage