EA Opens E3 with a Decent Showing


E3 2017 is well under way and the entire Gamer Professionals’ staff is geared up and ready to go. Most of the executive staff is onsite at the conference. You can follow their adventures and get live updates from the show floor all weekend and next week.

Justin Carey, David Fitchett, and I covered the EA conference. We saw a lot of stuff we expected, some stuff that surprised us, and some stuff that was just plain cool. Here’s a quick round-up of everything EA unveiled at their E3 conference.

We’re getting a new DLC for Battlefield I called In the Name of the Tsar. EA also seems to be promoting the Battlefield community and making the game a more social experience.

It wouldn’t be EA if there were no announcements regarding their sport video game franchises. We saw new stuff for Madden, NBA Live, and Fifa, as well as EA wanting more gamers to get into the competitive scene.

Need for Speed: Payback was also teased. The game doesn’t seem to introduce too many new mechanics to the racing game formula, but I have to admit the Fast and Furious vibe to the story intrigues me.

The biggest surprise was the announcement of a new co-op prison escape game called A Way Out. I think it is very intriguing that the game is a mandatory co-op experience. The game is being marketed as a couch co-op, but players can play online with other players too.

Bioware Edmonton passed Mass Effect: Andromeda on to Bioware Montreal so the team could focus on a mysterious new IP. We just got a teaser of what that new IP is, and it looks incredible.

Most of the EA conference focused on Star Wars: Battlefront II. This game looks like what Star Wars: Battlefront should have been. I am still reeling from EA announcing there would be no Season Pass, and that the game would have regular releases of free DLC. What universe is this?