Enticing Pre-Order Bonus for Xenoblade Chronicles X


The US market is set to receive perhaps the most unique pre-order bonus in videogame history. Early adopters of the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X will receive a complimentary $10 gift voucher, redeemable only on pizza. The $10 “e-Pizza cash” card can be redeemed online in exchange for a voucher that can be used at any restaurant that sells pizza, and accepts MasterCard.


I don’t think anybody will turn down a free pizza, but this whole offer does raise a few questions. Why Xenoblade Chronicles X? Why specifically pizza? Most importantly though, why is this only valid in the US? The rest of the world loves pizza too, you know.

If you’re interested in picking up this unique deal, you must pre-order the standard edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X from Best Buy before December 3. Unfortunately, those interested in the collector’s edition will not be able to receive a free pizza, but instead must content themselves with a range of actually relevant merchandise.

Source: GameSpot