Ethics Policy


Gamer Professionals does not accept travel or accommodations (including rental cars, flights or hotel rooms) from companies we cover. If we review a game at a publisher-sponsored event, we’ll disclose it in the review.

Our writers will not accept gifts (including food and drinks) in excess of $50 in value.


We don’t discuss review scores with publishers or developers prior to the review being published, nor will we change our scores at publisher or developer request in any circumstances.

Gamer Professionals will regularly adjust its assessment of games and hardware over the life of those products. These changes will always be explained. This is done completely at the discretion of Gamer Professionals writing staff.


Unless specifically on a writer’s profile page, Gamer Professionals writers do not cover companies (1) in which they have a financial investment, and (2) that have employed them previously. When a Gamer Professionals contributor has affiliations of prior employment experience that would represent a material conflict of interest with their reporting, that information will be disclosed in context or footnotes of that piece.


It is our policy not to pay sources. On rare occasions, we may contract with a source as a co-creator of content. Anonymous sources must prove their identity to Gamer Professionals to be cited in a story. We protect the identity of our sources.


Gamer Professionals makes every effort for stories to be completely accurate upon publication. Inaccurate stories will be corrected but not removed.


Our editors and news writers are often asked to appear in a professional capacity as experts on various television, news, radio, or other media. These appearances do not constitute endorsement of any products, companies, or services discussed; it is possible that we may accept reimbursement for our travel expenses associated with one of these professional appearances (as long as the media outlet is not affiliated with any game company or other company we cover).


Companies may send games or other products or samples to our editors in order for our staff to review such samples and determine whether we will provide a review of the product on Gamer Professionals. We do not accept any samples on any preconditions, such as, that we will agree to provide a review simply because the company sent us a sample. Please note that companies may provide these samples before the product is commercially available, in which case, we may agree to an embargo with the company or its PR firm. This means we agree not to publish the review or associated news until a given time.

If any developer or publisher wishes for Gamer Professionals to provide coverage on a title, they are welcome to contact us at anytime via our Contact Us page, or email the Executive Editor at brandonbui[at]gamerpros[dot]co.

Terms of Usage

Here at the Gamer Professionals Network, we pride ourselves on being a community that talks about mature gaming issues in an academic context. As such, the material present on this site does not necessarily represent the opinion of Gamer Professionals as a whole, but is the sole opinion of the writer who presented the piece.

The material that our editors provide could be on sensitive topics, and as a result the discussion may get out of hand once in a while. General guidelines are as follows:

  • Use your common sense when posting, and don’t break any serious laws. Do not post things like ROMs or ISOs, or links how to get those. We do not allow those. Also, things like pornography, violent content, keep those away from here. If it’s not safe for your workplace, chances are it won’t be safe in the comments section, and those posts will be removed.
  • Don’t harass other users! While debates will be allowed, there is a limit and posts that are found to be harassing to other individuals, especially in regards to race, religion, ethnicity, etc., will be removed. Just because we are talking about more adult issues does not mean that you are allowed to continue on unfiltered.
  • Remember the first guideline – use your common sense, and at the end of the day, have fun.