Etrian Odyssey V Information (Finally) Unveiled


The latest issue of Famitsu, the weekly Japanese gaming magazine has hit shelves, unleashing details of the upcoming Etrian Odyssey V upon the world. Bearing the subtitle ‘The End of the Long Myth,’ the latest entry in the long-running RPG-franchise is set to hit the 3DS on August 4. This time around, the odyssey will be taking place in the unfamiliar land of Arcadia, bringing together four playable races across 10 classes. This marks the first time that the title has been mentioned since its initial reveal back in 2014, so the wait has been particularly lengthy for fans.

The four races, including the Arslan, Lunaria, Cerian and Brani constitute the main focus of the revamped character creation system. Rather than selecting from a limited range of character portraits, Etrian Odyssey V allows for further customization for your party members, including hair and eye color, as well as a selection of 40 voice actors. Each race has a range of unique skills to invest in, as well as restricted access to certain classes, so party diversity is thoroughly encouraged.


While previous Etrian Odyssey titles have included systems designed to broaden the available skillsets for party members, Etrian Odyssey V seems to emphasise more specific character roles. While the subclass system of Etrian Odyssey III/IV and the grimoire system from Untold I/II haven’t been definitively ruled out, they seem to stand in distinct opposition to this more defined approach to party balance. It could be said that the racial component will serve as a stand-in for these features, but the extent of this feature is as yet unknown.

Although the specific details remain unknown, the available races and classes are as follows:


Arslan (human-like)
Lunaria (elf-like)
Cerian (beast ears)
Brani (dwarf-like)


Fencer (Arslan)
Dragoon (Arslan)
Cestus (Arslan)
Reaper (Arslan)
Necromancer (Lunaria)
Warlock (Lunaria)
Warrior (Cerian)
Hound (Cerian)
Herbalist (Brani)
Shaman (Brani)

For the unfamiliar, Etrian Odyssey is a series of first-person dungeon crawlers exclusive to the Nintendo DS family of handhelds. They’re known for their brutal difficulty and old-school mechanics, particularly the mandatory cartography element. The series quickly found niche success both inside and outside of Japan, though due to the restrictive localization process of the developers at Atlus, Europe missed a few releases, and saw others significantly later than America.

No confirmation has been made for a release of Etrian Odyssey V outside of Japan, but every title in the franchise has appeared in the West in some form, so it’s not so much a matter of if, but when. More information will surface shortly, with a dedicated stream scheduled to take place via NicoNico on March 5.