Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Heads West This Summer


Square Enix, in conjunction with Gumi Asia, has announced more details about the western release of the new mobile title, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. The title, which saw its own soft launch in the European territories several days ago on Android and on the Swedish iOS store, was unveiled with more information about an American and official European release this summer.

Brave Exvius came out in Japan last October, to a strong reception and shares similarities to Alim’s mobile hit title Brave Frontier. Having played both Brave Exvius from Japan and Brave Frontier’s global version from Gumi, the two share very similar properties and include similar game play mechanics. Featuring favorite characters from the Final Fantasy franchise that could be obtained via GACHA, there’s going to be tons to collect, as  an early warning.

The story takes place with two knights from the Kingdom of Grandsheldt, and a young girl who appears before the heroes seeking a crystal. Standard fare for Final Fantasy fans. Fans can expect turn-based gameplay in the classic RPG style, as well as dungeon exploration for new routes, items, and territory. Furthermore, high quality computer graphics will be used for unit summons.

Having played through Brave Frontier, and having enjoyed the solid game play (for a mobile title), this definitely is going to be an intriguing title to pick up. Gamer Professionals will keep you posted on the latest developments, so stay tuned.

Brave Exvius launches in North America and Europe later this summer, and will be playable at E3 taking place June 14 – 16. Players are now able to pre-register for the game, and are eligible for in-game bonuses on launch so long as stretch goals are met.