Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Done In Unreal Engine 4


Following the chaos yesterday involving Square Enix’s press release stating that Final Fantasy VII’s big remake would be an episodic affair, today it was unveiled that the remake would be designed on the Unreal Engine 4. Yoshinori Kitase spoke at the Playstation Experience 2015 in San Francisco, and said the following in regard to the title:

“We realize how special Final Fantasy VII is to fans, and we place our trust in Unreal Engine 4 technology and tools to help deliver this long-awaited remake, crafted for modern platforms.”

Epic Games over in Japan was overjoyed with the idea that Square Enix would be using their system as a means to deliver this highly-anticipated remake. Gamer Professionals reached out to Square Enix regarding the episodic release, and received a reply from Square Enix public relations representative Yafine Lee, in return:

“The game will be multi-part, meaning that instead of concluding in one entry, multiple entries are being considered in development. Each entry will have its own unique story. As a gaming experience, each entry will have the volume of content equal to a full-sized game.”

It’s a very interesting turn of  events, and one that will require a bit of time to play out, although gamers have been very vocal about the choice, and not in a positive way. We’ll keep you posted as the situation develops.