Final Fantasy XV Regalia Off-Roading being Worked on

Final Fantasy XV Regalia

During the Active Time Report stream from SquareEnix, the chocobros’ iconic Final Fantasy XV Regalia vehicle was shown going off-road, before getting stuck on a rock. Translated by xXShuyaXx over on the forums, the off-roading capabilities of the Regalia are currently being worked on, and the developers are trying hard to implement this. This isn’t an official announcement, and no release date for Final Fantasy XV Regalia off-roading capabilities was given, but it goes to show that the developers are listening to their fans, and trying to improve the game in accordance with their wishes.

What do you think of this potential update? Will it make free roaming in the Final Fantasy XV Regalia more enjoyable? The footage shown was from a PC dev kit, rather than a console version, so don’t take the Regalia getting stuck on the rock as a bad sign. Let us know in the comments below.