Final Fantasy XV’s New “Omen” Short is Fantastic


Digic Pictures, one of the elements behind the Final Fantasy series films, including the most recent Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, has come up with another mini film in the days leading up to the release of Final Fantasy XV. With less than a month to go, this short takes a curious look at a catastrophic future from Noctis’s perspective It’s an omen for King Regis, to do whatever it takes to avoid this future from happening.

Featuring driving sequences and various styles of Noctis fighting in stages of undress, it’s a beautiful video as much as it is strange. With Regis in the picture, though, it sheds some potential light as to why he took such drastic action to take out the empire in Kingsglaive. Either way, it still looks pretty awesome to see this kind of realism.

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 30 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.