Fornite’s Map Might be Changing in Season 5


Fortnite season 5 has just started and as always with it came some changes to the map. There are new buildings all around the map, giant crater of Dusty Divot now looks like a scene from Jurassic Park, and right bottom of the map now resembles Overwatch’s Route 66 map. That’s a lot of changes but many fans don’t seem too happy. They really wished for something huge after the Fornite RNG that Epic used to hyped up this season. It seems that people might be getting what they wanted soon as now sand is falling from the crack in the sky.

Seems quite random right? Yet, this seems to be confirming a map leak that came out few days before Fortnite’s Season 5 launched, which showed whole map covered in sand.

The sand thematics do not stop there as it also had a play in Epic’s Fortnite RNG. The Durr Burger head that was found in the real world, has been found on the desert. Yet, in game it is sitting in the grass. This could be just coincidence but there is a possibility that the real world Durr Head was set in the desert to hint at this map change.

Also there is a possibility that this leak could be for Season 6 map, then again Epic usually waits until the last few weeks of the season before they start to tease the next one. This just wouldn’t make sense.

What we could expect though are map changes during the season. Season 5 is all about time mash-up. We have Vikings, Ninjas, 80s style buildings, ancient temples and many more, all mashed-up together in a singular map, and it would make sense thematically to give it a stir mid season. Every few weeks time rift could open and change the map diametrically to keep things fresh, these are just speculations though.

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