GamerPros Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest Winners


Well, GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer contest is at an end. We’re a young site, and while there was some concern we wouldn’t have any participation without bribing anyone, we did manage to get some entries. Thanks guys! Oh, and now that the contest is over, we’ve got a secret to reveal: we have bribes prizes!

While there are a lot of Japanese players doing themes and recreations, I noticed Americans and Europeans aren’t doing this so much. Perhaps it’s because they’ve had the game longer? Even still, since no one entered that category, we’ll simply keep our surprise gift of a $10 Amazon gift card for future use. Our Halloween and Recreation category winners will be receiving an email about their Amazon gift certificates soon enough (if they haven’t already!).

And with that, let’s look at our winners!


Halloween Winner:

Siobhan: 0799-7744-339


Siobhan’s Halloween house for Tammy really screams “Halloween.” While I liked RouxCrossing’s entry as well (along with a lot of their other homes you can see on their Twitter page!), the skeletal cafe felt more skeleton themed than Halloween. Sioban’s pumpkins, ravens, jail doors, and spooky yard really created a good overall atmosphere. Great job!


Recreation Winnter:

OtterMs: 0295-7741-419


OtterMs’ Greendale Community College from the show Community was the perfect choice for a recreation given Nintendo’s recent Splatoon game. I’m not a huge fan of the show, but the paintball episode really stood out and got me to watch a few seasons worth of the show. Seeing an AC:HHD version of campus was not something I expected in general, let alone in this contest!


Thanks again to everyone who checked out the contest and the entries, and watch out for more community contests in the future!