GameTrailers Crew Reunites as Easy Allies


Early last month, we reported on the closure of GameTrailers, one of the leaders in video game journalism. It was a shock turn of events, given the impact they have had on the industry but an announcement from the GameTrailers team today is sure to lessen the impact.

In a brief YouTube video, core staff members from GameTrailers announced their return to the industry, under the name ‘Easy Allies.’ This marks a shift in focus to a direct streaming service, with regularly scheduled programs dedicated to a wide range of games, as well as a weekly podcast. The team also announced crowdfunding support, with a Patreon service set up to manage funding with a variety of viewer rewards.

A 12-hour launch stream is set to take place via Twitch from 12pm PT today, with shorter daily streams following through the week. It may have only been little more than a month of absence, but it certainly is nice to see the GT crew back in the industry they helped form.