Hellblade Releases a New Trailer


About one year ago many of us viewed a trailer of an upcoming title called Hellblade. It was eventually sent back to the drawing board for re-examination and now it has returned! Apparently the title has undergone some direction changes. Two changes are viewable right off the bat in the new updated trailer.

The title has undergone a name change and the main character has received a rather significant appearance change as well. The reception of these changes is a mixed bag, but of course these mainly visual changes will not decide if the game is any better or worse than it was before. Keep your eyes out for more news on the title, as it is unknown how much of a change the gameplay and story have undergone and you’ll want to find out ASAP if you are interested in this game.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is set for release later this year on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.