Killing Floor 2 Bulls-eye Update Showcased

During the PC Gaming Show hosted by PCGamer, Tripwire Studios discussed the latest Killing Floor 2 update, Bulls-eye.

In this latest drop of content for the survival FPS, players will be given a variety of new ways to enjoy killing Zeds.

New weapons, including the high-powered Railgun, will be added to the Vendor, and the newest perk Sharpshooter will be available. The Sharpshooter, as the name implies, is used for killing Zeds at long range with bolt-action rifles.

Image courtesy of Rage Quitters UK.
Image courtesy of Rage Quitters UK.

A new character, Rae Higgins, joins the battlefield, sporting a bright red dress and short black hair.

A new gametype, Players v Zeds, will be made available with the Bulls-eye update, allowing players to play as the Zeds for an experience similar to Valve’s Left 4 Dead series.

Maps made by the community during the Tripwire-sponsored Grindhouse Mapping Contest will also be added to Killing Floor 2.

The Bulls-eye update is now live, and is completely free of charge. Killing Floor 2 is currently still in early access, but full-retail launches this fall on PC and PlayStation 4.