Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Details Revealed

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has released a few details on Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, the upcoming CGI feature film to be released prior to the game. This movie looks very promising. Lets run through the characters they reveled.

Nyx UlricKingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

The protagonist of Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV is Nyx Ulric. He is a member of the ‘Kingsglaive’ which work directly under the king. In his youth Nyx was saved by King Regis in the middle of a war. Ever since then Nyx has felt a debt of gratitude twords the man. Nyx excels in battle and has an affinity for magic.

Lunafreya Nox FleuretKingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

Luna is an Oracle who can speak with the gods. She aims to use this power to purify the world. Luna was meant to marry her childhood friend Noctis, but instead went to the capital of Insomnia to make an agreement with King Lucis.

DrautosKingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

Commander of the ‘Kingsglaive’ guard, Drautos is very hard on himself and others. As a leader he values those who put a lot of effort into what they do. He is also Nyx’s role model when it comes to battle.

Libertus OstiumKingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

Libertus and Nyx grew up in the same hometown. Naturally they became close friends. Libertus has a bright personality to go with a strong sense of responsibility.However he can be emotional and stubborn at times.

Luche LazarusKingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

Luche considers himself the leader of the Kingsglaive. In reality his comrades have grown to trust him because of his intelligence.

Crowe AltiusKingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

A user of grand magics, Crowe has some special abilities. Growing up as an orphan has strengthened her bond to the Kinsglaive, being the only family she has.

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV will launch in 2016, sometime before the game. It gets a Japan only theatrical release on July 9, 2016.