Latest Nintendo Direct ‘Coming Soon’ According to Nintendo of Russia


There has been a heightened level of hype surrounding the latest Nintendo Direct. Rumors have been flying around showcasing a pretty awesome list of games. Many of those rumors state that an official announcement from Nintendo was coming on 09/01, and though we haven’t seen anything yet, Nintendo of Russia may have given the game away. On the Russian social media site VK, a user known as Kirill asked Nintendo about the rumor surrounding the January Nintendo Direct. Amazingly, they got a response. Check it out below:

Obviously we don’t expect you to understand that, so here’s a rough translation: “Watch the news, expect soon!” While neither a concrete date or time was announced, Nintendo of Russia has at least given us the knowledge that a Nintendo Direct is on the way. All that remains is to work out Nintendo’s definition of “soon”.

As an added piece of information regarding the veracity of this news: the account in question on the VK social media site is an official Mir Nintendo (Nintendo World) community. Mir Nintendo itself is Russian online store, owned by Nintendo Russia directly.

What do you think of this news? Has it stoked the fire of your hype? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. So now we trust the Russians again? This is obviously fake news designed to keep Reggie in as President of Nintendo of America

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