Looking Into God Of War PS4

At Sony’s E3 showcase, fans were shown a trailer for a God of War reboot with a live orchestra. The orchestration was one of the best parts of the entire show. Cory Balrog, the game’s director, revealed a few new details for this much awaited title. This reboot will be more personal than ever before, as Kratos must mentor his son in penance for his previous sins.

God of WarIt seems Kratos is enjoying the quiet life in the northern lands. The video started with Kratos sending his son out hunting, showing a stunning environment and graphics engine. Balrog has made it clear that Kratos’s son will be pivotal in the plot of God of War. The original crew for God of War will be working on this reboot and teased that Kratos will be visiting some of the nine realms in Norse mythology. Newer details have surfaced, stating that Krato’s wife will be involved somehow as well.

God of WarThat being said, gamers have seen the essential greek tragedy in the original God of War. Getting to watch as Kratos transposes from this familiar setting of warring gods and mythological monsters to an entirely new environment like this is very exciting. After three games of virtually the same style and setting, a change is much needed for the series.

This reboot is said to have new enemies, bigger boss fights and a sleek new control scheme. The developers goal is to make things more personal, not like the wide and arching blows from the previous titles. Jeet Shroff, lead gameplay engineer states that the controls for this God of War reboot will be more triggers and less face buttons. He notes that there can be up 100 enemies on screen at once. Shroff also shared that Kratos’s son will be more of a passive character. Players will be able to summon the boy during a fight for a little father son bonding. Later in the game players can upgrade this feature, eventually letting Kratos’s son go toe to toe with enemies.

Sony has yet to give God of War an official release date yet, however Amazon has revealed the pre-order details of this title at $59.99 with a release date placeholder of December 29.