Masahiro Sakurai Talks About Criticism and Complaints for Smash


With a roster of 58 characters, Super Smash Bros. is at its largest size yet. With a lot of familiar faces and some new faces being brought to the fold, such as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, or Bayonetta herself, there are quite a number of ways for people to jump in.

Recently, Masahiro Sakurai spoke about fan criticism in a Famitsu issue (translation courtesy of Source Gaming) of the decisions made; rather than looking at the overall picture, people nitpick about the tiniest of details. Masahiro quoted director George Lucas, comparing his experience with that of the director, and how Lucas was unable to experiment with his movies due to expectations. For Sakurai, it was:

“It’s like building a house, but people focus on a single painting that’s hung up on a wall in one room, and fixate on it, and keep listing off their complaints of that painting. These situations are very common.”

With regards to Cloud’s addition to the roster, Sakurai lamented being on the receiving end of many trivial matters, with complaints ranging as far as fans asking for non-Nintendo characters to stop being added to the game; unfortunately, they’ve also ignored the fact that many Nintendo characters were added to the game.

In addition, Sakurai stressed that people are not privy to the struggles that developers face, with mention of those who have even quit the scene due to unexpectedly high expectations. While Sakurai doesn’t mind the criticism, he did implore fans to not lose faith. And personally, given how great the game is now, it’s a shame that people are even losing faith. But again, that’s just an opinion.