Need for Speed: Payback Rides into the E3 Spotlight


EA wants to awaken gamers driver fantasies with the next entry in the Need for Speed franchise, called Need for Speed: Payback. The game is putting an emphasis on customization and players transforming old wrecks into supercars.

The gameplay doesn’t look revolutionary in comparison to past Need for Speed or Forza games. It is the same sharp, detailed driving simulator/racer in a big open world that we all know and love. I did really like the slow-mo crashes whenever a gamer takes out an enemy car. Very reminiscent of bullet time in Sniper Elite.

The story also seems fun and a little silly too. Very Fast and Furious like. I’m not totally sold on this being a necessary purchase, but Need for Speed: Payback looks like it could be a fun appetizer game to tide players over between EA’s other future releases.