New Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Japanese Trailer Released

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

A YouTuber by the name of ナタリー has posted video footage of a new trailer for the upcoming CGI live-action prequel Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XVThe new live trailer shows the characters in action for the first time, and quite honestly, they are jaw-dropping. Protagonist Nyx Ulric (voiced by Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad) looks incredibly lifelike, and deuteragonist Lunafreya (voiced by Lena Headey from Game of Thrones) looks dazzling in a sheer dress.

Kingsglaive follows the eponymous elite squad protecting the King of Lucis, Regis (voiced by Sean Bean of Game of Thrones), from the threat of the Niflheim Empire. The live-action prequel releases to theaters in Japan in July and will be brought to Western audiences at a later date.

To tide you over in the meantime, here’s a trailer. One point of mention is that the lip-syncing for the characters may be a bit off, indicating that the characters are speaking in English; the Japanese voice overs are dubbed over. Either way, it’s still a dazzling watch in computer graphics coming to life.