New Onimusha Trademark Filed By Capcom


Onimusha! Where did this come from? This week gets better and better, with news arriving that Capcom has filed a new trademark on an older, but popular series. The trademark is significant because it is not a renewal, but a registration. Something big is brewing. Although no details have surfaced, speculation has pinned this Onimusha trademark as a potential remaster, given that Capcom has tendered statements favoring HD remasters.

With Onimusha having been out of commission since 2006’s Dawn of Dreams, next year could be the big 10th anniversary revival. As a longtime fan of the series for its puzzles, action, and culture, this is something that I would drop top dollar on if it really is a revival. Even if it were to be a remaster, I would still take it over leaving this series to rot. Come on, Capcom, do the right thing and bring Onimusha back.

Source: GameSpot