Nintendo Bringing Super Mario to iOS


Today, during a routine briefing covering the release of Apple’s newest mobile devices, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple brought out a surprising guest: Shigeru Miyamoto himself appeared on stage to announce a collaboration between Nintendo and Apple. The collaboration brings Super Mario to the iOS App Store, at a fixed price of $9.99 with no micro transactions.

On-stage demo of Super Mario Run

The game, titled Super Mario Run, has Mario running to the right with screen taps allowing him to jump. As reported by publication MacRumors, later levels will feature obstacles that keep the primary objective the same: collect as many coins as possible. Players can interact with the ghosts of other players to try to beat their high scores. This mode, called Toad Rally, focuses on not just the quantity of coins, but on the number of Toads that are impressed during the runs. Collected Toads become part of the player’s Mushroom Kingdom, which could be further customized.

Miyamoto explained on stage about the design idea behind Super Mario Run:

“We want as many people with smartphones around the world to enjoy playing as Mario, and we’re doing it first on iOS. And we’re doing it in a brand new game called Super Mario Run. The magic of Mario is that anyone can pick up a game and instantly start playing. This time, we’ve made it even simpler to begin. 

As the title suggests, Mario runs automatically to the right, and as he does he’ll hurdle small gaps and certain enemies. It’s very simple and the movement feels great. With just a tap of the finger anywhere on the touchscreen you can make Mario jump, and the longer you tap, the higher he jumps. This is key to getting high scores. 

Being able to play one-handed means you can do so while holding onto a handle on the subway, while eating a hamburger, or while eating an Apple!”

As a result of Nintendo making an appearance, Nintendo stock soared. The game will launch this holiday season, at a one-time price, with sticker sets for iOS 10.