Nintendo Releases Two New Fire Emblem Fates Commercials


Two new commercials have come out for Fire Emblem Fates, the extremely controversial title coming out in North America for the Nintendo 3DS in just under three weeks.

The first trailer, released yesterday, covers the basic premise of the game and how you can side with either the family you have blood ties to or the family that raised you. These two kingdoms are at war and depending on which side you choose, the events of the game will diverse significantly.

The second trailer is named “After the Choice” and focuses more on the split conflict between the two sides, with Ryoma the samurai-like swordsman helming the Japanese-inspired side of Hoshido and the blonde horse-rider Xander leading the more European-inspired faction of Nohr. It’s mostly cinematics which is understandable—most people would agree they look way more beautiful and more impressive than the normal gameplay, especially when said gameplay is rendered in 2D (meaning you lose the benefit of the 3DS’s stereoscopic technology) and isn’t in native HD.

Lately there has been an insane amount of discussion around this game, with many people taking up arms or throwing fits about localization changes that they feel qualify as censorship or hurting the experience of the game. On the other hand, some people welcome those changes with open arms or feel that video game companies have the right to make changes to their products. But regardless of how you feel about the game thus far, Nintendo is going all-out with the advertising and seems determined to make this entry a success like Fire Emblem: Awakening was, nearly 3 years ago.

So are you excited to pick up Fire Emblem Fates? If so, tell us what route you plan to tackle first, and if not, tell us why not!