Nintendo Switch Dock Clone Appears in China


It was only a matter of time before some pioneering fellow replicated the technology of the new Nintendo Switch console. The official Switch dock in this instance has been replaced with a simple dongle that connects from the console to the TV. According to the article, the reason that generic docks can’t be used is due to some requirement for product verification, similar to PC games requiring the disk for you to play it…if people even buy disks anymore. But now, that requirement has been cracked. Check out some of the photos of the Nintendo Switch dock clone below, or read the report on the article here, with lots more pictures. (At this point, the original article doesn’t appear to be available.)

The Nintendo Switch dock clone shows us that there is the potential for the original dock to be replaced. Many were not happy with the original design of the dock, and there were even complaints that screens were getting scratched and scuffed as a result of this. What do you think of this news? Do you hope for Nintendo to come up with an updated design, seeing as the dock was just an over-engineered TV-in port? Or do you think this clone has no place existing, and will take away from both Nintendo’s hard work and profit? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I’m fine with my dock, but I’d rather like to see Nintendo release an official portable projector for Switch. Play big screen anywhere you go (biggest limiting factor is portable projectors are expensive).

    But I guess if you could rig it up already with a dock in the middle, I don’t know if you can trick Switch into believing its got mains power with a battery pack. That I’d like to see

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