The Nintendo Switch – The Important Information


At last, Nintendo has finally unveiled its plans for their newest portable console hybrid. During a showing last night, Nintendo finally unveiled a lot of the major details that fans have been long since searching for.

First and foremost, the price. The price of the Nintendo Switch, as many predicted, would be $299. This price, according to Nintendo, comes in two flavors. One color flavor is a console with two black joystick controllers. The other has a red and blue neon joystick controller set.

As far as accessories go, players can pick up extra controllers, though they will be hefty in price. A Pro controller will set players back a whopping $69.99; a set of Joycon controllers will cost $79.99. An individual component, whether it’s the left or right Joycon, will be $49.99. Charging grips are going to be $29.99, and the dock, $89.99. The prices are not being well-received by the gaming communities.


The Nintendo Switch will be converting to a paid online service, to go live Q3 2017. A free trial will begin in March. Based on details provided, players will be able to connect and play local co-op or online by signing into their Nintendo account. This portion will be available in the free trial; online lobbies and voice chat will be available in the paid version. Subscribers will receive free games on the virtual console each month, similar to other console online services. All of the details can be found here.


Finally, Nintendo unveiled some of the technical specifications to be found in their newest console. The Switch will pack a 720p display for handheld play, and allow 1080p output when using a TV.

Processor-wise, the device is powered by a custom Nvidia Tegra chip. It will have a relatively meager 32 GB of storage. You can, however, add a microSD card to it up to 256 GB. Eight Switch consoles can connect via 802.11ac Wi-fi support. It supports Ethernet through an adaptor, and has a USB-C connection. Battery life ranges are around the same as the Nintendo 3DS – anywhere from 2.5-6 hours.

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