Nintendo Switch Price Tag of $250 Seems Ever More Likely


As the Nintendo Switch reveal event draws ever closer, a variety of rumors putting the new console near the $250 mark have surfaced. Back in November of 2016, reported that the UK gaming outlet GAME will be selling the console for £199.99, which is near enough $250, according to a “thoroughly vetted” source. There will also be a second version of the Switch with higher internal storage, that will cost £249.99, about $300. Much more recently GameSeek, another UK gaming store, posted an entire listing for the Nintendo Switch, once again setting the price at just under $250. The listing includes a pre-order price guarantee, stating that “you can order now and if the GameSeek price increases between the time you place your order and the release date, you’ll be charged the lower price.” They must be pretty confident in their prediction.

The latest indication is an article from the online division of the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, which reports that the Nintendo Switch should have a price tag of 25000 yen. When taxes are added this, once again, comes in at around $250. This is by no means confirmation, as the above article is more of a speculation piece written to inform those who are interested in Nintendo’s stock. Also, GAME have denied the rumors regarding their future plans for the Nintendo Switch price tag, claiming the news is based on inaccurate sources. Even so, all of these early rumors fall at around $250. It’s getting more and more difficult to ignore the chorus of comparable predictions, especially considering the Nintendo Wii also released at $250.

With only four days to go until we all know for sure, this figure is sure to entice many to put the cash down for the purchase on day one, and maybe even splash out on a bundle of release titles.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this potential Nintendo Switch price tag.