Nintendo Switch Release Date and Price Revealed


In spectacular fashion, Nintendo finally treated gamers (of all ages) to information regarding their new console, the Switch. Here are the highlights:

Release Date:

The Switch will release worldwide on March 3rd. This is earlier that the date that most leaks and rumors had been pointing to, which was March 21st.


The Nintendo Switch will cost $299.99. Nintendo also announced that, in addition to the standard black Switch that we have previously seen, they will also be selling a bundle where the JoyCon controllers will be a neon blue and neon red color. This new bundle will also be sold for $299.99.

Most rumors had priced the Switch between $250 and $300, so the announced price fall right in-line with those reports. Since these claims, journalists and gamers alike have mentioned that if the Switch were to fall within this price range ($250-$300), it would be the right price to interest them in buying the console.

Launch Titles:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is confirmed to be a launch title, and will launch side-by-side with the Switch on March 3rd.

1-2-Switch, a new IP that utilizes a single JoyCon controller to play party games with friends, will also release at the launch of the Switch.

Unfortunately, the 3D Mario title, Super Mario Odyssey, that was rumored to be a launch title will instead launch during the 2017 holiday season.


More information is sure to come out in the coming weeks before the Switch is released. Keep checking back with Gamer Pros to learn more details about the Switch as they come out.