Nvidia Surprises Nobody With GeForce 1050 and 1050 TI Graphics Card Release at CES 2017



CES always had the tendency to bring about new hardware components for PC, and this year was no exception. Surprising absolutely nobody, with a release that everyone saw coming from far away, Nvidia formally announced the release of the GeForce 1050 and 1050 Ti lineup for mobile computing.


These chips, which provide 1080p gaming fidelity on ultra settings, are based on the Pascal architecture and have slightly higher GPU clocks compared to their desktop components. These chips are being placed in gaming laptops from Alienware, Aorus, MSI, ASUS, Clevo, HP, and the Dell XPS 15 lines. These chips provide 40% increases in comparison to the GTX 965M chips and an 80% boost in efficiency to the GTX 960M chips, for games playing at Ultra settings at 1080p. Tested games for these specifications were Star Wars: Battlefront and Overwatch.