Open Critic Tests New Scoring Distribution and Recommendation


Open Critic is proving to be interesting in their approach to review scores and aggregation. With reviews, finding clarity and understanding in scores can be entirely subjective; for the industry, it can be considered commonplace to say that a score of 75/100 is considered failure for a AAA title. Open Critic is aiming to open up those scores and help viewers understand, with the idea of a ranking graph.

This new ranking graph feature shows a distribution for all games scored through Open Critic, and highlights where such titles fall in the distribution. The Open Critic distribution system would automatically update when a new review is posted to the site. However, the distribution graph is more of a means for the system to move away from scored and subjective quantification, and more into a recommendation, similar to the structure that sites like Eurogamer observe. With reviewing quantifications being so entirely subjective and open to interpretation, moving in the direction of a recommendation system is an important first step that provides gamers more transparency.


All in all, Open Critic is doing some pretty intriguing things to shake up the industry, and making steps to give gamers a sense of transparency in video game recommendations is huge. The team is definitely onto something here, and it’s going to be exciting to see how these distribution variables change the equation in providing approval or disapproval in the decision making process of purchasing a video game. With the prices of games going up nowadays, being bolstered even further with the idea of DLC season passes and micro transactions, the idea of media reviews still being a key player in that process remains; hopefully Open Critic gets the information that they’ve been searching for, and that they are able to bring the industry forward.

Source: Open Critic Public Relations