Overcooked 2’s Free Christmas-Themed Update Is Now Available


A few months after the launch of the tropical-themed Surf ‘n’ Turf DLC in October, it’s now time to head to the snowy kitchens in Kevin’s Christmas Cracker. The Kevin’s Christmas Cracker free DLC is now available to all Overcooked 2 owners.

This holiday gift from the developers of Overcooked 2 includes five new and challenging Christmas-themed kitchens with icy obstacles and tricky iceberg platforms. To make the experience more festive, you could even play as winter-themed characters like an elf or a snowman.overcooked 2

Players will be given three brand new recipes which are: mince pie, hot chocolate, and Christmas pudding. Although this is a cheery DLC, you’ll have to prepare these dishes in various ways so cooking will still test your skills.

Also, if you’re someone struggling to get past a level or have a certain kitchen that is your absolute favorite, Overcooked 2 now has a Practice Mode. Practice Mode is not timed so you can play a particular level for as long as you’d like.

Moreover, this update has a new online feature which will allow two local players to play alongside or against two other local players. If you’ve got a partner that you can three-star any level with, then this competitive mode is for you.

The Kevin’s Christmas Cracker update will download automatically in Overcooked 2 on your console or on Steam.