Overwatch Beta Coming October 27th


Blizzard has just announced the start of the beta program for their newest title Overwatch, coming very soon to an extremely limited batch of players on October 27th. Fans eager to play the game are encouraged to sign up for the beta test at the Overwatch website. The beta test will be the chance for Blizzard to test balance, feel, and fun, and compete for the throne of the best shooter, as well as identify server stress points. With games like Splatoon taking unexpected popularity, will this game be the next big shooter?

While the closed beta will be for limited amounts of players, the game will open up at some point for a larger batch in Beta Test Weekends. Overwatch is Windows compatible at this time, and requires the Battle Net application to be present on the desktop. Good luck and hope to see you in the game!

Source: Overwatch Beta Announcement

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