Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Is Coming To PS4 This Month


Turn-Based RPG Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic is coming to the PlayStation 4 on the near date of June 15th. Published by Headup Games and developed by a small indie team named The BitFather, this roguelike relies on random encounters to keep you on your toes. The developer decided the only way to announce the game’s leap to a new platform was with style! This led to them producing a short video in the style of an old 80’s advertisement. The game hopes to play on nostalgia from the early days of the genre, with the incorporation of permadeath being just the start of its endeavors to do so.

With its original release being in early 2015, it received mostly positive reviews on Steam. If you want to pick up Pixel Heroes on June 15th, then you will be paying $14.99 on the PlayStation Store. Let us know if that’s going to be you, or if you have already played the game before in the comments section below!