Playstation Vue Branches Out To Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast


Sony has recently confirmed its intentions to expand onto other forms of hardware in regards to the Playstation Vue service, beginning with the relatively popular Amazon Fire device.

In what is likely to be a pleasant surprise to quite a few fans of Sony’s streaming service, as of today you are able to use the Vue software not only on PS3 and PS4 devices, but on Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick as well. What could the benefits of this be, you might ask? Well, for starters, you’re no longer going to be bound to a television when streaming, as with this recent expansion you can now watch your shows and movies on mobile devices and tablets instead of just through Sony gaming consoles. The Vue service now also allows those who don’t own the gaming machines alternate routes for their TV viewing experience, as now families who already own an Amazon Fire TV will be able to sign up for the streaming service instead of having to shell out the dough for a video gaming product that they might not ever take full advantage of.

Plans have also been announced to bring Playstation Vue to Google Chromecast at some point in the near future, although a specific date has not been confirmed yet.

For those unaware of Playstation Vue, it essentially functions as a combination of cable box and streaming service. You can watch any episode of popular television shows on demand or save new ones for later, although currently it is only available in more popular cities around the United States, with plans to expand to more areas in the future. As of late, Vue has been adding new channels to its already rather impressive roster, including the likes of ABC and ESPN, which will be included in the $49.99 monthly package.

Source: The Verge, Vue Devices